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Paranormal Experience

In Production


 Sandra Dunphy


Host Tom Waters and paranormal experts Sandra Dunphy and Debbie Perkins invite you to join them in exciting investigations of properties reported to have paranormal activity. Experience the paranormal with each of our investigators separately as they walk you through the properties sharing their visions and revelations without prior knowledge of the legends and history of the locations.  

Debbie is known for her vivid visualizations and has described past events in great detail that subsequent research found to be completely accurate. Sandy is known for her ability to make contact with the spirits of children.


At the end of the episode Debbie and Sandy come together to compare notes and investigate any like findings and/or the strongest evidence of spirit activity.


In the next episode we will provide a recap of anything we found subsequent to the previous investigation: more EVP evidence, something else found on the tape or photos, odd feelings from crew members and what additional

research uncovers, etc.


Join us in our first few episodes entitled "Horse Country Hauntings", now in post production and airing soon on multiple platforms by ConvergTV.

Debbie Perkins

                                  Thomas R. Waters


                                  Thomas R. Waters


                                   Nancy Frohman


                                   Shannon Lanier


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