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New York - Los Angeles

November 2014


El Gato Rojo Productions in association with 5 Cambridge Entertainment has begun pre-production on Of a Certain Age. 

A film that deals with an older entertainer in the twilight of her singing career and her decline into Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Cast in the lead role is Filipino-American Marya Thomas. The film marks the return of Ms. Thomas to the big screen after an exciting career in the late 60’s and 70’s that saw her co-staring with Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Jon Voight and Yul Brenner to name a few. 

Co-staring along side Thomas will be Iliana Guibert, Tom R. Waters and Filipino-American Television and singing star Anthony Salvatore Lewis.  

The film was written by Tom R. Waters and Judy Norton. Norton will Direct. Shooting will take place in New York and suburban New Jersey.  With Philipp Pcheclin behind the lense.



New York

September 13, 2014


Two of the the three stars of the Cannes bound film “KIM” came out for the private screening of the film, held at the prestigious New York Film Academy.  Tom R. Waters and Jake Duckers attended the screening while co-star Erica Manni was busy shooting on her next film. 

Erica Manni’s character Kim is brought in off the street as a homeless teenager and taken under the wing of Off Broadway Theatre owner and Playwright Bill, played by Tom R. Waters.  Handsome actor and newcomer to the troupe, Frank, played by Jake Duckers challenges Bill for the affections of the beautiful and naive Kim. Jealousy and rage lead to murder, escape and love.

Attendees included the film’s director, Felix Alexander Dausend and Cinematographer Philipp Pchelin. Also attending was NY power manager Robert R Blume who reps Waters and Manni. Also in attendance with her boyfriend Tom R. Waters was singer, actress and former Elvis and Sinatra co-star, Marya Thomas! 

Dausend hopes to have the film in shape to premier at the Cannes Film Festival in May of 2015.

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