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Night Fall

The screenplay written by Tom Waters is a re-make of the 1937 classic Academy Award nominated Psychological Thriller Murder Mystery “Night Must Fall” . 


Danny is a baby faced, charismatic, beguiling, drifter. Always scheming, he charms his way into the hearts of all the women he meets. 


He is found out by Olivia, the reserved but mysterious niece of Mrs. Bronson. 

Repulsed, yet fascinated by the fact that he committed the murder, Olivia keeps Dan's secret (as well as one of her own) but also finds herself becoming increasingly attracted to him. 


Eccentric Mrs. Bronson is as cranky as she is rich, old and old fashioned. She’s wheelchair bound on her isolated Malibu country estate that becomes the center piece for much of the intrigue. 


Mrs. Bronson's long time cook, Terrance, is a gay black man that's also a "Drag Queen" by night. He provides some fun and comic relief surrounding the darkness that ensues as Detective Richard Bradley works to solve the murder of Dan's first victim, the adulteress socialite Betsey Frohman. Detective Bradley leads the film to conclusion in a stormy, claustrophobic, deadly nighttime crescendo! 


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